Apr 26, 2017

Remembering the fallen.

There was a time when I would eagerly seek out the newest issue of the Village Voice. To explain it to anyone today in an age of Twitter and Snapchat they truly wouldn't understand what it was to find the Voice on a Wednesday.

Each week the Voice would come out and while it would have a ton of music, movie and skin ads but, it would also contain within its pages some very good journalism. The Voice was something the other papers in New York weren’t, it was long form stories on Newsprint.

 The Voice covered EVERYTHING, politics to media and in-between. In it’s pages I’d read Michael Musto, Lester Bangs and they also had cartoons by Matt Groenig (you know, the guy from the Simpsons!) and Jules Feiffer but the thing I would always seek out was Nat Hentoff’s column.

Hentoff is sorely missed because he was the one guy who didn’t play favorites and if I can say there is a writer whose beliefs fall more in line with my own, then Hantoff would be that man.

I’m doing some reading now and I wanted to pass along the book selection because Hentoff is one of those people who is worth reading:
So I highly recommend:

And if you are inclined to learn more about Nat Hentoff, check this out:


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